Last week I picked up the first ever CFC book. Actually a collection of blogs from in here over the last 2 and a half years than a book which we will be using to promote the gym.

So I definitely don’t consider myself an author or think I’ll be signing copies of it any time soon. But there were quite a few lessons in putting it together which I reckon can be carried over to fitness.


1. Get Started – the First Step can lead to all sorts: I used to write blog posts sporadically to try and promote my PT when I started. When I got back from Australia a couple of years ago I wrote them to help get my training and nutrition back on track in NBNB and help promote the business. Eventually it was like I was getting a double benefit of promoting the gym but also a kind of therapy helping me overcome the fact that I was trying to get a business that I allowed to become a mess back on track (amongst other things!). A couple of weeks ago when I put all the posts together there were over 75,000 words there. But it started with the first ones written a couple of years ago.

Fitness Lesson: Just start. You’ll get double benefit from working out as the process itself can be a kind of therapy if you go to the right place and even if you feel like you have an uphill battle right now, think what can be achieved in the months and years ahead – the time is going to pass anyway.

2. Don’t be a Snob: At one stage I was told that my blogs had become a bit stale and boring. This stung as I had always enjoyed writing and using my imagination at school. So I found a copy-writing course which helped with firing my imagination – basically 90 days of hand writing adverts from copy-writing legends. It gave me no certs/or kudos but I found it really effective.

Too many people try to be all fancy with their training. From the gym they attend to the fancy (mostly useless) supplements they take to the workouts they do. They don’t seem to realise that no matter how hip the workout is or state of the art their supplements/gym is they still have to put the work in. Don’t waste time sweating the small stuff and get started.

3. Experience Things: During my time in Oz I made about a million mistakes. Since I’ve gotten back to the gym I’ve made about a million mistakes and did a load of exciting things as well. All real life lessons which are useful for writing blog posts.

Sometimes I meet people who love to read about training and will watch all of the youtube videos about transformations etc. But never do anything with it for fear of making a mistake, failing or looking silly. In reality it’s the people who know less about training but actually get off their backsides and take the action that get the results.

4. Be Consistent, then Sprint: When I decided to put the book together I thought I’d get it done in a couple of days at first and then a week. It took a bit longer than that but because I was consistently writing over a 2 year period I had the 75K plus words to fall back on – it just took about a month of really hard work to put it together.

In his book “Never Let Go” Dan John talks extensively about being consistent with our training and nutrition and then if something like a wedding/holiday etc. is coming up we can push things a lot harder – then be consistent again. If you find yourself going through peaks and troughs with your training, maybe take this concept on board where you set your training and nutrition habits in place and then when you have something that you really want to get ready for push out the training and nutrition to the max…

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Shane is a Coach (and Owner) at the Christchurch Fitness Centre. An experienced fitness professional who has helped numerous people lose weight, tone up and develop their confidence, Shane has a strong interest in continuous education and is doing /has completed mentorships/courses with (among others), the Irish Strength Institute, Body Development, Training for Warriors (level 2), Precision Nutrition, Steve Maxwell, Sigma Nutrition, Zuu, Darby Training Systems and Mike Mahler, TRX, and the Advanced Coaching Academy.