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At the start of the year I was training a woman who was giving out about her boyfriend.

She was giving out about the amount of cigarettes that he smokes.

But not overly because of the health detriments. She was telling me how much he spent on them a month. Around €300.

I thought that was potentially a lot so she broke it down.

A pack a day = €10 and multiply that by 30.
I stood there and all I could think was “f**k how much have I spent on coffee over the last while”.

Yesterday I had a coffee (I know!) with a PT Client who told me about him having an “office” in the Guinness Enterprise Centre. He is a self-employed Accountant who could easily do it at home. But instead he is paying extra on top of his home rent and wifi to be there.

I think this is a really smart move for a few reasons.

You see despite the fact that I like my own company (a lot) I am not getting coffee just for the sake of the coffee.

It’s the people, community and the environment in the coffee shops I go to.

My Accountant client, pays for a desk in the GEC because it gives him structure, people to interact with and support throughout his day.

Having a Fitness Training Partner or Community to offer you a supportive environment that will help you hit your fitness goals is so important as well.

It is one of the first things that I learned when I started doing additional courses was:

“People should never try and do it all alone”.

That was advice for both the trainers and their clients.

If you are trying to do it all alone it is too easy to get distracted or feel down about the lack of progress you may be making.

However (and I am seeing this in a big way with the No Beer, No Badness 28 Day “Pretox” Group) if there is a community there for you to work in or with then they will help bring you along by seeing what they are doing and how they get over their obstacles.

Also having a training partner/group or someone who holds you accountable will mean that you are far more likely to actually follow up on the training.

And if they are there with you then you will be far more likely to train harder and look at keeping up with them (it has been proven that if someone even thinks a stranger is watching them, they will train upto 50% harder).

Being a part of a community will also ensure that you are enjoying your training much more and you’ll have more fun doing it. Training doesn’t have to be a painful slog without any craic all the time.

The fun I have when training with Mat or Marcin is great. But we always train extremely hard. You can do both.

So if you are currently doing things completely alone, I’d start by making use of the community in here by putting up your weekly goals etc and any questions you may have and if you need more than that then go for it with something like a Gym Class, Training Buddy or Personal Trainer.

Because you will not get where you want to go by doing it all alone..

If you are interested in getting started with a Free Fitness Community, you can CLICK HERE to apply to join No Beer, No Badness Sprints where you will get free Motivation, Support and Fitness Tips along with over 180 other like minded people!