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We read today that the a large majority of New Years resolutions are based around fitness goals.


A large majority of those fitness goals will be largely forgotten about by February.


Here are some tips that we have for setting up your New Year Fitness Resolutions/Goals to give you the best chance possible of sticking to them – beyond February at least!

1. Make the Goals something you really want to achieve. Include Reasons! Ultimately for you to work through the tough patches towards making your goals stick they have to be something that you really want. Otherwise they will just be words on a page, soon to be forgotten about. Another idea here is to write why you want something. Eg. I want to lose 2 stone so that I can walk the Camino and fly through it.

We have seen people get all sorts of phenomenal results over the years – because they were excited about going after the goals and had big enough reasons why they wanted them. This is why it’s probably best not to start scribbling goals as you get ready to head out on Sunday night.

2. Get Planning and Take Action: Build momentum towards your goals by putting a plan in place. If you don’t know how to get the results that you want, contact a gym/PT/Online Trainer/join a fitness class and work from there. The main thing is you start getting some “wins” on your journey by planning then taking action and building from there.

3. Make them Maintainable and Doable: A good thing that is important for you to realise is that you won’t hit all of your fitness goals by January. So don’t try taking over the world by changing everything from your sleep habits to your nutritional intake to exercising 10 more times a week over the next 30 days or so – this leads to burnout and forgotten goals. Instead look at improving your habits slightly every day and let them compound over the next 12 months. We would highly recommend setting up some process goals along with outcome goals this year. So instead of always concentrating on the outcome, you start developing goals around things like workouts completed in a month, water drank in a day, steps taken on non – exercise days etc.

4. Make it Trackable: Progress can be a huge motivator so making it trackable on some level is a huge help. Remember it doesn’t have to be about weight loss – it can be how quickly you do a 10k run, weights you can lift, keeping a diary and tracking energy/mood levels, dress size, etc..

5. Create a Support Team: Again there are loads of options here. You can get a training partner/PT/join a class etc but by having people there to train with you/create goals with you or just be supporting and wanting you do it in general then you will be a lot less likely to give up on yourself.

6. Make it Fun: Some people seem to think that getting into shape should be like a form of purgatory. It definitely doesn’t have to be like this. In fact we firmly believe that while you should work hard during your training sessions, enjoying the process overall will make it much more likely that you will stick to your regime and ultimately be successful with it.

Finally if you would like some help with your health and fitness goals for 2018, shoot us a mail to info@christchurchfitnesscentre.com or call Shane on 086 8805628 and we will organise a Free Fitness Strategy Session for you..