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1. THERE WILL BE CURVE – BALLS SO BE READY: We realise that the New Year is a time for looking forward with hope, enthusiasm and positivity. We are all for this and at times probably shoot ourselves in the foot through wild enthusiasm and optimism. However we also realise that life throws curve balls in the shape of illness, work/relationship/family/friend stress etc which will impact on your ability to exercise and eat optimally at times.

Ultimately however it’s those who realise that there’ll be some challenging periods during the year but don’t give up on their health and fitness who will be facing into 2020 as fitter, stronger, more energetic versions of themselves.

And they’ll also be better able to handle life’s curve-balls as they appear!

2. YOU NEED TO BE PRO ACTIVE AND GO FOR IT – NOT REACTIVE AND HOPE IT’LL HAPPEN: Nothing worth having is just handed to us. This is very true of our health.

In our experience most people know what they need to do to get fitter/stronger/leaner. They just don’t do it.

To make 2019 a success health wise you have to go and make it happen. Being proactive doesn’t necessarily mean you have to never drink alcohol or eat another bar of chocolate again.

It means doing things like writing your goals, cooking the right foods, getting your ass into the right class/trainer in the right gym and giving your best while there, then being patient enough to allow yourself to recover properly. Not waiting for someone else to do these things for you.

Because that can’t and won’t happen.

3. THERE’S NO QUICK FIX: Seriously. If anyone comes to you with a “Weight Loss Coffee” or miracle detox program, this is our advice.

Save your money.

They are a waste of time and money. But worse the rebounding disappointment of thinking you’re getting ahead and then being back to square one (along with the metabolic damage) is more damaging than any cash lost.

4. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE COMPOUNDS: Imagine if you were to get things like your workout routine set and regularly made it to the gym 3 times a week. And you drank at least 2 litres of water for maybe 325 of the next 365 days. And you got around 7,000 to 10,000 steps in 5 days a week for the year etc

A lot of people like to say that they “have tried everything.” They haven’t tried everything or most things on a consistent basis. Then they give up.

Whereas it’s the people who take on the small habits/rituals and make them a part of their daily/weekly routine who end up as the fittest, healthiest and most energetic people out there.

5. ENJOY THE JOURNEY: As we mentioned in point one, life has enough stressors without us making our health routines something else that we need to worry about.

Find the workouts/gyms/group classes/friends you enjoy training with and work hard with them.

Find the healthy foods you like eating and enjoy exploring new recipes you can put together with those foods.

And don’t wait until you get the result that you think will change everything in your life to be happy. Because once you do something like drop the weight you want to drop you’ll have another goal to strive towards.

Enjoy the and trust the process and you’ll be a lot happier throughout.

6. 156 IS 1.78% OF 8,760: We figured that there is going to be 8,760 hours in 2019. 3 hours a week to workout is only 156 hours which is 1.78% of 8,760.

See what we are getting at here?

We won’t say it only takes 3 hours a week to go to the gym because we understand you have to get there etc but our health really is the most important thing that we have – so please don’t tell us you can’t afford 3 – 8 hours each week to look after it (upto 8 to buy and prepare your healthy foods as well!).

7. REMEMBER THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON TO GET RESULTS FOR: It’s you. You may think it is selfish to take the time or finances needed to get healthier and fitter. But we firmly believe that your health is the best investment you can make – by far.

Think about it – you’ll be more effective, stronger (physically and probably mentally) for those around you and ultimately if you’re tired and potentially suffering medical issues through neglecting your health, you’ll not be able to help anyone around you!

8. NOW IS THE BEST TIME: Think of how quickly 2018 has just passed and how you maybe let one or two things slip over the year – “because you’d start them next month.”

Everything isn’t going to magically line up and make things super easy for you to get into shape all of a sudden.

So just be pro – active and get going now.

9. MAKE IT EXCITING: Write a list of the reasons to make 2019 your healthiest yet. Use them to make a fitness vision for yourself – full of goals and get excited about what you can do over the next 365 days.

These reasons can range from anything from improving your confidence to being an inspiration to someone you love, to completing a hike/race/workout you have always wanted to do to improving your health. The list of reasons to get more health and energy in your life are literally endless.

But we can’t come with a personalised version for people in this post.

However we are confident about one thing.

The people who have the strongest vision of how good their health can be and how important it is to work on their fitness will be the ones who put all the other points in place.

And they are the ones who will make 2019 their fittest year yet…

If you’re living in the Dublin area and would like a Free Fitness Strategy Session at the Christchurch Fitness Centre to get your New Year’s Fitness Goals kicked – off, feel free to send me a DM and I will be back in contact within 24 hours to get one organised for you…