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Our Trainer Profiles are below but let’s be honest they are always the same ie. “Come and train with us because we are great”.

And let’s be REALLY HONEST. You want to know what we can do for YOU. What we can guarantee is that we will do our very best to help you

hit your Weight Loss, Health and Fitness goals as quickly as possible within a fun, dynamic environment – an environment in which each person is hugely supportive of the next.

We think of ourselves as a community gym (one where everyone will know your name!), with zero egos and we are very, very results focused – we are Personal Trainers after all!

Along with results and weight loss, we are obsessed with making sure that people are comfortable in the gym environment and enjoy the experience. Too many people, women particularly are put off by gym environments and the intimidating experience they perceive them to be.

Don’t get us wrong. You’ll be pushed to train hard and achieve the results that you are looking for, but if you are looking for somewhere that the trainers will be screaming in your face or pulling their tops off to show you thier abs or tell you how many burpees they can do – you’re in the wrong place.

If you’re looking for somewhere that the trainers will remember your name, get you out of your comfort zone and you have the choice of everything from Semi – Private Personal Training, to Personal Training, to a huge range of classes, then enter your contact details below to organise a Free Transformation session.

Or give us a call on 086 8805628 with any questions at all. 


JUST 3 WORDS: Because of the fakeness of writing our own profiles, we asked some members to describe the gym in 3 words. A few of the results are:

  • Barbara Browne: Motivating. Friendly. Energising
  • Emily Deasy: Welcoming. Challenging. Rewarding
  • Michelle Mallon: Feels. Like. Home
  • Elaine Brophy: Supportive. Challenging. Mega-Craic!!
  • Hanan Tababi: Real. Amazing. Results
  • Sarah Connolly: Fun. Challenging. Motivating
  • Ellen Schoenfelder: Challenges + Committment = Results!!
  • Mary Ni Dhomhnaill: Personal. Enthusiastic. Enjoyable
  • Claudia Sakura: Welcoming. Friendly. Motivating
  • Tom McGuire: Fun. Challenging. Enjoyable


MARCIN GUCIA: Marcin is a Group Fitness and Personal Trainer with over 6-year experience in the fitness industry. He is qualified in Kettbells, Rip 60, Zuu, Animal Flow movement. Marcin is super passionate about fitness for all levels. As a father, he wants his kids to fall in love with fitness, movement and exercise as a strategy to manage a better life.

“Fitness is a powerful tool to change lives, change the story and change our future”  – Marcin.

SHANE MC SHEA: Shane loves working with people to help them lose weight and tone up in particular. An experienced fitness professional who has helped numerous people lose weight, tone up and develop their confidence, Shane has a strong interest in continuous education and is doing /has completed mentorships/courses with (among others), the Irish Strength Institute, Body Development, Training for Warriors (level 2), Precision Nutrition, Steve Maxwell, Sigma Nutrition, Zuu, Darby Training Systems and Mike Mahler, TRX, and the Advanced Coaching Academy.


1. Do I need to be fit/unfit/young/old or have previous fitness experience to come to the classes? 
Nope! All classes can be tailored to both beginners and advanced attendees. Everyone is nervous before trying a new fitness regime but trust us; you’ll have a great time!
2.What should I wear and bring with me?
Wear comfortable sports wear and trainers. Bring a water bottle, a towel and your energy!
3.How much are classes? Can I buy a monthly / annual pass?
The Class Pricing is as follows:
– Drop In: €10
– 1 Class a Week for one Month (4 Classes): €35
– 3 Classes a Week for one Month (upto 12 Classes): €60
– Unlimited Classes for one Month: €70
4. Do you offer an incentive to refer a friend?
Yes we do! The more the merrier!
Anyone who is on a Monthly Membership with us can bring a friend to a class for free. If their friend then signs up for at least one month they get a weeks free classes.
5. How do I book personal training? 
All of our team are qualified so if there’s someone you’d like to train with let Shane know. Best ways to contact him are: – Phone: 086 8805628
E-mail: christchurchfitnesscentre@gmail.com