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When I started in Personal Training a big part of my “marketing strategy” was getting a load of awful flyers printed and dropping them around the gym. I remember the buzz when I got my first 2 PT clients for CFC from them on the Monday morning…

A while later when the gym had actually become “Christchurch Fitness” I decided to branch out and look at things like Facebook ads and business cards. I was looking forward to getting the cards but the excitement evaporated when I opened the box and saw the following letters beside my name:


I nearly died and stood thinking that I’d have to dump them all because “no one is going to train with a d**k head PT who puts CEO beside his name. And imagine if anyone from home saw one of those cards!!”

Fast forward a few years and I’m part of a Fitness Business mentorship which actively encourages us to look at ourselves as “CEO’s” of our businesses. And although I’ll never describe myself as CFC CEO, I do agree with their teaching that:

“In order to lead your business, you need to look after yourself properly because ultimately how will you look after your business if you can’t manage to even look after yourself?”

In the “Strangest Secret ”Earl Nightengale talks about living a successful life. In it he says that it doesn’t matter whether someone wants to become a housewife/husband or sales person. What matters is that they do it to the best of their ability and look to grow along the way.

Ultimately while not everyone is going to be running a business you are CEO of something more important. Your life. And although you might think you’ve got much more to worry about than taking some time to work on your health and vitality, how do you expect to look after them if you can’t even look after yourself?

So here are some tips and things to help you manage your fitness and energy levels:

  • WATCH YOUR SELF TALK: Making the decision and convincing yourself that you being at your best physically and emotionally will be good not only for yourself but for everyone around you is so, so important. If you struggle to make the time and feel deserving of having a trainer/routine/gym membership, link how being fit and health supports other areas of your life. Eg having the energy to play with your kids/go for a walk with your partner/having the focus to complete your work. The list here can go on forever…
  • GET A MORNING ROUTINE: My morning routine has become so important to me, I’ve started setting my alarm for 40 minutes earlier to give myself time for it. It includes NOT looking at Social Media, reading things that will help inspire me, drinking ½ litre of water, doing some meditation and setting up my day. Despite getting up earlier, I’ve found that doing this brilliant for my energy levels and productivity.
  • MAKE YOURSELF SLIGHTLY LESS ACCESSIBLE: Doing things like switching off your watsapp notifications will make you less of a slave to your phone and again more productive throughout the day.
  • WORK OUT AND NUTRITION: No brainer but a good workout/nutrition routine is essential for anyone looking to maximise your health and fitness levels. Some simple tips here are to train somewhere that you enjoy being and eat as many natural foods as possible. Also hydrate regularly.
  • SAY NO: If you’re someone who struggles with saying no to things then you’ll often end up draining your own energy, being full of resentment and constantly rushed – getting a half assed job done of most things. Learning to say no and how to delegate will be a big help in a lot of these instances…

Again this list could go on but making the decision that you deserve to be fit for this business called life and taking the time to make it happen is one of the best you can…

Ps. If you’re interested in a week of looking after yourself with health, fitness, yoga and fun in an absolutely amazing setting then check out the retreat we have launched with our friends in Init Yoga here!!