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Walking through the city centre today it is hard to miss the amount of Christmas decorations and the shops ramping up their prep for Christmas. While it’s still early the entertainment is good from seeing the excitement starting to build.

One example of this excitement is if there are kids in your family listening to them talk about Santa and what they are getting this year. I remember there being years I was wishing to God that it wouldn’t be raining on Christmas Day so that I could get out and play football in the new boots I’d get.

The adult equivalent of this excitement is probably getting home to see our family and friends, have a few nights out and eat an horrific amount of turkey, stuffing and sweet stuff (boxes of tea cakes in front of the fire anyone?!).

However, I wonder how many people aren’t looking forward to Christmas with any real enthusiasm because they don’t feel good in themselves or will be standing holding their breath in for the evening when going for drinks with their friends that they haven’t seen for a year?

The good news is that there is still a huge amount that you can do to get Christmas Dress ready even at this stage.

– Increasing your step count every day (stairs instead of lift etc.)
– Upping your water and veg intake
– Getting 3 to 4 resistance training workouts in a week – bodyweight, weights. Whatever fits your schedule best.
– Coming to meet us at the Christchurch Fitness Centre and getting a program tailored to your needs and wants
– Get a group of your friends together and get to work doing everything from body weight type programs or even out for a walk.

Basically start something now and it doesn’t have to be the most horrific workout regime ever either. Just make the decision to get going and then build on what you’re doing each week to develop momentum.

Speaking of horrific workouts, I did one this morning and it was a struggle. However I kept reminding myself during it that once the workout finishes and I recover, I’ll feel much better for it – ultimately fitter and stronger.

Unfortunately there are a lot of kids in Ireland who won’t be worrying about football boots from Santa or who won’t be able to get stronger by working out. Growing up isn’t “a trap” they will get the chance to fall into. The Laura Lynn Children’s Hospice cater for such kids who are terminally ill and work to give them and their families as many memories as possible during their time together.

We are running our annual CFC Charity Fundraiser in aid of the Laura Lynn Children’s Hospice on the 1st of December this year. Also for the build up to the charity day we will be donating half of any new Group Class Member’s (Classes/Bootcamp/Semi Private PT) first payment to the Hospice as part of the charity day.

Giving you the chance to kill two birds with the one stone by helping you begin to feel your best for the Party Season and making a difference at the same time…

So if you’re living in Dublin and reading this feel free to send me a Facebook message to see what classes may be an option for you if you want to get involved!