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Fitness Coach Opportunity

Location: Christchurch Fitness Centre, Dublin 8

Type: 10 – 15 hours/week

Experience: Entry

About The Role: Fitness Coach

The Fitness Coach will become a key part of our team here at the Christchurch Fitness Centre, working with a range of clients coaching them in a fun, safe and effective manner.

Responsibilities & Tasks

  1. Running Fitness Classes, Personal Training and Semi Private-Personal Training Sessions.
  2. Studying and Passing on Knowledge Effectively: Upskilling and paying it forward so that we are all progressing within the gym, developing both ourselves and the services we offer our community. Basically playing a part in us becoming the best coaches we can be.
  3. Gym Maintenance: Helping to ensure that our facility is kept in as good a shape as our members!
  4. Program Writing: Finding out what our client goals are and helping them to hit them!
  5. Measurements: Tracking measurements and keeping clients accountable in the process.
  6. Client Follow Up, Motivation and Encouragement: Making sure that clients are happy with the services they are receiving and keeping them on track with everything.
  7. Staff Meetings and Progression Sessions: Meetings to review each week and come up with progression ideas to help improve client experience and grow our community.

The successful applicant will work with the Gym Management to review these measures regularly, and make additions, changes or adjustments as necessary. As the person in the role gains experience, s/he may be eligible to take on additional responsibilities, such as becoming a community manager within the gym and managing your own group of Semi Private/PT Clients.

What You Need

At the Christchurch Fitness Centre, we only want to work with people who’ve got great energy and are internally motivated to be their best. We’re excited to offer a workplace that will develop you personally and professionally. However, we require that you demonstrate the following traits and qualifications upon starting:

  • A Personal Trainer and Gym Instructor Qualification
  • Energetic
  • Good Organisation and Planning skills
  • Teamwork & social skills
  • Follow-through on commitments
  • Persistence
  • Initiative on decision making
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Enthusiasm
  • Calm under pressure
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

Joint Accountabilities and Terms

The successful candidate for the Coaching role will begin a probationary period of between 30- 60 days (to be discussed personally).

During this time, we will train the Coach on our methods, tools and practices, and welcome them into our environment. We also provide the successful candidate with the tools, training, and support to become quickly comfortable and efficient in their role.

Our Coaches have attended numerous seminars/mentorships with groups like the Irish Strength Institute, Body Development, Precision Nutrition, Muscle Nerds, Steve Maxwell, Mike Mahler, Darby Training Systems and more and whoever comes on board with us will be getting comprehensive training to help ensure they become the best coach they can be.

After the probationary period is complete, the company and the successful candidate will evaluate this agreement and mutually determine if it continues, or if it is to be changed, or discontinued.  We will evaluate this together, based on the personality traits demonstrated, as well as work performance and team chemistry.

For further info/to apply for the role, please send your CV and Cover Letter to christchurchfitnesscentre@gmail.com