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Personal and Semi – Private Training

We get that people are individuals who have different needs and wants, and one program will not fit everyone.

As a result either Semi Private or Personal Training may be the best option for some members, because of the fact it gives things like:

  • A Small Group Environment or One to One Sessions so you can build your confidence in the gym within a safe and friendly environment.
  • Detailed attention on both your workouts and nutrition so that you’re making sustainable progress in a safe and structured manner.
  • Regular weigh in and body composition analysis so that we know what you are doing is effective for best results.
  • Motivation, support and community. We are always striving for ways to motivate and support everyone who trains in the Christchurch Fitness Centre. Everyone in the gym also has access to a community which is hugely supportive and also has a strong social aspect with everything from adventure runs to road trips being regularly organised amongst our members.

As Personal Trainers it is our job to Mentor you so that you can stretch past your current fitness level where we help you to get leaner, stronger, healthier and more confident, through showing you that you can do more than you think, offer you support, insights, assurance, direction and support. This is something we work hard to achieve with all of our members on a daily basis…

Free Fitness Strategy Session.. 

If you’re interested in starting/re igniting/continuing your fitness journey and would like a free Fitness Strategy Session with us, click the link below to apply now. During this hour long session we will go through everything from your current exercise habits to your goals and give you some tips and advice to hit them. We will also put you through an effective workout to give you an insight to how you need to exercise for best results.

Click here to apply for your Free Fitness Strategy Session Now..