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It has been a fairly hectic period in the Christchurch Fitness Centre recently. So much so that one day recently a matching pair of socks was a luxury that I hadn’t planned for.

Obviously one of the gym members spotted this and commented about my “nice socks” – best response I could come up with was along the lines of “don’t sweat the small stuff.”

Truth is in the past I wouldn’t have cared less about an odd pair of socks. Maybe I’m getting older or maybe I’ve read too many Personal Development Books about “making your bed” and stuff but now I don’t like not to have some things sorted – like matching socks.

However I don’t think that it’s something to cause chaos your day if you have a mishap like odd socks or your shirt isn’t perfectly ironed…

Now that we are practically in December a lot of people will allow the party season to cause chaos in their fitness regimes, which in my opinion is also unnecessary.

I’m not suggesting anyone shouldn’t enjoy all the parties, drinks and general festivities that will be happening. However too many tend to think “I’ve had a few drinks and my nutrition is going downhill anyway – I’ll get back to exercise in January.”

Leaving themselves with a battle on their hands in January when trying to get fit again. Instead a better choice would be to do things like:

• Keep training without manic expectations. If you’ve a crazy couple of days tell your Coach and let them adjust your programs or do slightly easier/shorter work outs for a few days. Whatever about general conditioning, there is nothing stopping you from getting stronger throughout the month.

• Keep your nutrition habits solid when you’re not at parties and meals out. Plenty of water, plenty of veg and being conscious of portion sizes – just because the turkey and ham is lying there in St. Stephens Day doesn’t mean ALL of it has to be eaten.

• Catching up on sleep when you can and keeping your sleeping patterns as consistent as possible.

• Keeping your steps up. I know the weather is getting colder but wrapping up well and getting out for a walk over the few days at home can have loads of benefits – not just physical!

Speaking of not sweating the small stuff, I was chatting to someone who has made a very generous donation to our Charity Day on in aid of the LauraLynn Children’s Hospice (taking place this Saturday, December 1st) today. They mentioned that they wanted to help a bit more this year as they know someone who has a child that unfortunately may be making their way to the Hospice – meaning this Christmas could be the one and only that the baby gets with their family.

Kinda puts sweating the small stuff into perspective.

As I mentioned we are having the charity day this Saturday in the Christchurch Fitness Centre and will be running classes from 10am until 3pm (timetable is on our site) – whatever anyone who comes along wants to donate will be appreciated.

We also have a great list of prizes for our raffle including restaurant vouchers, hampers, top of the range headphones, hotel vouchers and more. Link below for anyone who would like to donate (OBVIOUSLY NO PRESSURE!) and we will ensure all donations receive their share of raffle tickets:


Usually I hate asking for donations for things (partly through fear of looking like a wannabe Bono #thehorror) but having seen the work the absolutely unbelievable work LauraLynn does for terminally ill kids and their families makes it far easier for me to promote this event.

Also worrying what people might think in this situation is just another example of sweating the small stuff…