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At the end of a very famous Personal Development book called “Think and Grow Rich” Napoleon Hill talks about the emotion of fear and why it is one that is very disruptive and ultimately useless to us.

I can’t remember all that he spoke about right now but he went through a list of common fears that tend to hold people back and one of them was the fear of death. He spoke about what death could mean for us and gave reasons why we shouldn’t fear it, finishing with a comment along the lines of “even if there is nothing else for us, death means a never ending sleep and how bad could that be.”

Looking at the stats that recently came out about life expectancy it is probably a good thing that death could mean something like a nice long lie in because apparently it is starting to come sooner for us!

Speaking of growing “rich”, Hill didn’t happen to say anything about owning a small gym in the book. However on a course I was at last weekend, I felt like I had it all. Sitting in a room in a city I love (London), surrounded by some brilliant coaches and learning from a phenomenal educator (Luke Lehman – Muscle Nerds) was so cool and a couple of times I thought about CFC I had a fear. A good one of missing out on what was going on in CFC while I was away.

Being honest we should all feel wealthy. Over the weekend we covered a phenomenal amount about the awesomeness of the human body from biochemistry to its capabilities to what impacts it most to energy systems and how to run it more efficiently.

One of the things we covered extensively was stress and its effects on us, from lowering the immune system to disrupting digestion to reducing metabolism. So a lot of people are causing untold damage to their most valuable asset (bodies and mind) by being full of fear and stress about things like work, how they look (never their best when stressed out) and what people think about them…

Another topic we covered was our self-belief and how important it is to stop identifying with the person you are and more with the person you want to become to get the results you want. So get the right habits/rituals in place to make things happen, build momentum and then celebrate the wins along the way. Get with the proper people, read the right books, take progress photos, just do whatever it takes to make yourself think you can get the results you want.

Along with results getting joy from your workouts is something you need to make happen. As mentioned above, we have loads of “important stuff” to stress about like what people think about us and how we look so definitely work hard for sure but don’t make the mistake of thinking that exercising hard and having fun have to be mutually exclusive.

Ultimately the overriding theme of the weekend was our health, improving it effectively, how we can add the right things to our rituals to help it long – term in an enjoyable manner and the importance of this. Important because too many people are so used to feeling awful that that they are walking around already half asleep due to a lack of energy, stress coming out of their ears and using bandages to cover over the wounds of poor lifestyle choices instead of going with the right decision.

Which is?

Taking the time to think about and make the most of the awesomeness of our bodies…

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