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Over the last few years I have met a lot of women looking to get into better shape and thinking about joining a gym – either for Personal Training or Classes.

And one thing has consistently surprised me, especially in this day and age.

There are a lot of women who are very successful from a family/career/happiness point of view who are nervous about getting started in a gym.

Nervous that they won’t be as fit as the other women in the gym.
Nervous that they won’t be able to do certain exercises.

Nervous that people will be looking at them like they are too weak/too skinny/too fat etc.

To quote the Rock “It doesn’t matter”.

I am probably more at home in the gym I run than anywhere in the world at the moment. But a few weeks ago I was taking a session with two women when as I was demonstrating an exercise I broke a little bit of wind involuntarily.

Yeah I farted.

For about 20 seconds I was absolutely mortified.

But then I realised that the girls just wanted to have a good workout and couldn’t care less about me and any wind I had that evening.

It didn’t matter. (and it didn’t smell;))

I know of someone from Donegal who was a well-known county footballer at the time falling off a treadmill in the gym before a club team workout and getting absolutely destroyed by his team mates at the time.

He laughed it off. Because it didn’t matter.

What does matter is that more women should be comfortable in the gym and feel good getting the results that they really want in it.

I know I would much rather put up with some discomfort in the gym over the next while than uncomfortable at the beach/family occasion/night out because I opted out of exercise today.

Bottom line is drop any nervousness about going to the gym and you’ll very quickly realise that people aren’t watching or judging you.

And even if they are.


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