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Last week a young girl came along to CFC with her dad while he had a PT session (let’s call her Sophie). Not a big deal there you might think, except that she has a syndrome which basically messes up her appetite, meaning she is constantly hungry – while also wrecking her ability to metabolise the food she does eat.

So a double whammy, which sounds like torture.

It also impairs her co-ordination, making some things which would be basic to most people (like riding a bike) very, very difficult/impossible for her. However her attitude was brilliant throughout and when she finished with some boxing pad work she was enjoying it so much she started laughing with an enthusiasm which was infectious.

When I thought about it after, I figured that her excitement stemmed not from it being a special workout but because Sophie was getting to do things that she wouldn’t normally get to do. Which made it kinda special for her. If you get me.
Speaking of “getting”, we had a coach from the States come to CFC to present a few years back. One of the big things I took from the weekend was changing our “got to’s to get to’s”. So instead of having a “got to do things” attitude, we change it to “get to do things”.

For example instead of me being in a situation where I’ve GOT up early and train people, spend a lot of time making small talk and working unsociable hours I GET to spend time with people from all sorts of backgrounds every day, learn about their lives, help them make improvements to their health and read then share info on things that really interest me.

It sounds small but the difference it makes is huge.

With around 6 weeks left of the year a good question for anyone reading this is whether they are carrying a “got or get” to attitude your training. For example are you someone who feels they have got to go to the gym and as a result don’t really put in a max effort when there, maybe just working hard because the trainer got on your back and you’ve got to keep them happy? Or do you resent eating a healthy diet and making an effort to keep your health on track overall?

Obviously switching the “got” to “get” will make a huge difference. So you get to go to the gym, spending time within a community of like-minded people where every rep you complete is making you stronger, healthier and fitter and leaner. You get to eat nutritious, health giving food which can improve everything from your energy to your skin complexion to your immune system. You also get to take your ass off the couch more regularly and get out and develop an exciting life instead of watching soaps and reality shows about other people developing theirs.

Ultimately using a “get to” approach doesn’t mean that you cut all of the parties etc coming up over the coming weeks. It’s just about making the best of your workouts, being balanced in your eating habits and thus giving yourself the best chance possible of looking and feeling your best when the festive season and New Year really kicks in.

Or else you can drag along with a “got to” attitude over the next few weeks and go to the parties feeling lethargic, maybe lacking some confidence about your appearance and regretting not putting a real effort in when you had the chance.

That regret would be a different type of pain than the one that Sophie has to work through every day. But it can be torturous in its own way all the same…